Pink and Strong

I am looking forward to my regular gym exercises in 3 hours. I am
excited to do those cardio execises again and lift heavy things, thanks
to my trusted gym instructors at Eclipse. Lifting things in 5 reps 5 sets
each with more than 120 pounds of pure iron is somehow euphoric for
me as it helps in releasing all life's stresses and bitchiness.

These things make me pinkishly healthy and strong!


I would also like to take this opportunity to post my favorite things in
life, which is included in my daily office routine:

Rhea Ascorbic Acid - c/o our office medicine cabinet (I also share this
with Thet)

C2 Green Tea (either 500 ml or 1000 ml)I don't like the sweet ones in Lemon or Apple. Imagine this: each
500ml bottle of the flavored ones has 110 or 120 calories per serving,
each 500 ml bottle has 2 servings in it while the regular green ones
has 40 calories per serving!

Tortillos Barbeque Flavored Corn Chips - any sizeThe hell with those monosodium glutamate. It's corn anyway so it
must be good!

Quaker Oatmeal (at home or at work) - extra fiber

8 glasses of water

Ginisang Pechay

Ginisang Ampalaya

Hard-boiled eggs (2 to 3 pieces per day without the yolk)
Albumin rules!

My mom's sinigang na baka or baboy

Lola's Everlasting - my grandma's special meatloaf recipe for is the
best, especially now that its only 97 days left before Christmas!


I did this post out of stress, like Rhonda Byrne said in her book "The
Secret", think of happy thoughts to maintain the positive vibes, so
that the universe may jive with your positive flow. (This is what I've
learned so far in Disc 1 of her audiobook version, so far its feels great
to know these simple things!)


With the system downtime issues going on, it pays to be regal whatever happens :-)


Lexi said...

nice read :)

i love it! downtime issues :) pft!!

to be honest, this is sooo much pain in the neck..

cya around!