Every Sunday, I always come to the humble but inviting home of my fellow officemates who happened to be married to each other. These are the times where I unwind and do karaoke the whole night! Of course, with my fellow choir mates and other friends.

I even bumped into one of my 'closest friends' like 'M' whom I should say, the only girl in the world who can make a gay guy straight! (Probably because of her wit and pinkish toes) With a 'gay killer' like herself, you'll always end up confused. I am one of them. LOL!

This Sunday was never easy for me because of too many revelations that I learned from different people, most of them, about their relationships. I've been lonely for so long after my last attempt to redeem my lost manhood. It's been like this for the past 5 years, advices here and there just to enlighten everyone in their love's dilemmas and frustrations, leaving me just an advisor, not a lover.

You see, I've never been in a real and long lasting relationship, whereas I am so GOOD in giving practical advices just to make anyone less of a fool. DAMN!

This Sunday became a start for me to find and search the real thing. The real deal. The real person who would satisfy my longingness for the real score. Get it?

Like 'M' said, you'll probably find the right person soon, its just that the person will be late when it arrives.