I've been reading posts for the past 8 hours from different blogs, some of them are from the nominated list to the upper right of this blog. God, they're so good and I can say that they are much more in-depth, direct to the point, and a lot of them mostly sensible.

It seems to me that these bloggers do go out a lot, unlike before I started working, I used to go on trips with my friends either for a cup of coffee or out of town things. They've written so much stuff about a lot of things that you don't usually see inside your bedroom.

After viewing the very refreshing cantilangnon's blog (not just admire the pictures but the fact that its written in his native dialect gave me the sense of being proud of one's roots), and verbosecity's "Loud Cloud" (a must visit blog, you'll love him/her to the bones), I felt lucky or should I say honored to be nominated with these two bloggers. Theirs have so much substance and love, whereas mine is just f**cking pink pretending to be black!

Aside from reading the famous two co-nominees, I managed to visit my all time faves McVie, MGG, and (formerly Badinggerzie).

I just realized that my life has been a vicious series of habits where breathing is a default and everything else a series of choices. I'm bad in making choices in life but I choose not to regret.

Hopefully after turning off the lights to get my rare dose of melanin (because I work nights, thanks for today, it's Labor Day in the US!) the sun will shine the next day and redeem me from my gloomy state.


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