The Last Straw?

Its been a stressful week for us here at work that's why there are no new posts.
Every creative juice has been drained out of me and I honestly say that I am considering qutting my job. But no, I can't because for months it was considerably good pay and the company is so good in giving out opportunities. If I quit, I would become the most admired loser in the family (jobless+good looks= me the loser) Just kidding.
I am currently explorinig possible horizons and just so you know, I will not quit my job unless I will set foot in a foreign land to continue my long term plans in life. Maybe, I need more time management with the new load we have on our shoulders. I am positive that this will solve the mind-boggling situation I am in.
While having a break, I was surprised to hear few of my friends talking about being your own boss. Hmmm, is this a sign? Should I alot extra time to our chocolate business to make it boost in the upcoming holidays?
I just need a breather for the upcoming weekend and do something wonderful in this pink world of mine. I am looking forward to see long lost friends this coming Saturday.
More posts to come (and hopefully the juicy ones!)
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