Last Saturday of September

It's been a month of discoveries, meeting people, and few revelations. September has always been this way for me, always a big shift to a new thing. You feel positive although there's nothing to be positive about. I guess, this is due to too much listening to "The Secret" and the smell of Christmas 2008 (by the way, its about 85 days to go!) coming.


It was raining yesterday after shift. Our team decided to visit the Ortigas Weekend Market, the rain and wind didn't stop us from having few good treats there. I always eat Japanese food there, and at times consume tall glasses of carrot juice, courtesy of Fruitaz. Ito na rin ang panahon para makipaglandian ng malala sa mga becky at manglait din ng iba pang bektas na dumadaan.


1. Josh asked me how do I feel being single? How'd I managed to be happy yet not feel lonely at the same time.

I forgot how I answered this question but to my surprise, Josh somehow felt I have my own
nirvana with what I have now. All I know is that I feel contented with everything I have in life and not demand for more because I can simply ask, and wait for it. By the way, he also wanted to reach my weird state.

2. I never realized that being a fitness instructor is more than just having a great body. Talk about the perks. This job can be very very demanding too especially that now, more and more people are getting hooked in achieving those cuts and losing the extra handles.

3. Eating at Red Ribbon is a very enjoyable experience after work-out.

4. Maru. Korean owned I think? Sa wakas napuntahan ko rin! This is us a few moments after the night market.


Mark and Josh found this very nice salon at Lee Gardens Condominium at Shaw Boulevard. Minami Premier Salon (owned and established by a Japanese businessman) is by far the coolest salon I've seen in Manila. They also have the warmest people around, I love the service and courtesy they have given me, I looked like trash after working out, I was not at my fashionable state.

I think having the Japanese' concept of a make-over is a new wave for us Filipinos.

Minami Premier Salon has a very modern atmosphere yet comfortable as seen in the pictures posted below. They have Digital Perm, Thermal Conditioning (a.k.a. - Rebonding),eyelash extensions (someday), foot spa at the relaxing and calming water falls area (plus the recliners), and free usage of Internet and WiFi while they fix you. Very neat!

Sobrang maasikaso sila kahapon I felt humbled, especially when the owner himself assisted me with connecting my notebook to WiFi. I had a nice new haircut and my nails cleaned. Medyo mahal pero sobrang sulit, its really worth it because they only use Schwarzkopf and Shiseido products.

They made me so comfortable, I will get myself a massage when I get back. I'm definitely coming back.


That night I went back to Lafangan to fulfill my promise to my friends. After all that neat stuff, It feels great to be with your high school classmates and drink, talk about accomplishments (although its not really my thing, I hate this actually) and other stuff from the past. Just relax, be yourself, and all that booze and more karaoke. Happy sa Lafangan in fairness, di lang happy, gay pa! They also have the best barbeque in the area.

I asked Ryan, the guy with glasses below, why they (their group and other high school classmates) used to make fun and despise me to the point of hate when we were in second year of high school. I was surprised by their answers. I told them I never realized I made that impression to them. I apologized.

We ended up drunk at 4:30 AM.

Here. The life of a single person.
Feels lonely when you get home but happy and contented at the same time.


Anonymous said...

come here to marriage is legal here... you know that do yah?... but then, u dont have to be married to be happy and contented. love and be loved my friend...mahirap kasi sa atin maraming mapaghusgang mga mata. dont mind them, be urself and be hapi.