I'll try to make this post as short as possible for these past few days, there's been a lot of changes in the office and somehow, I felt I'm going to be needing all the confidence in the world to do the new tasks given to us by our higher authorities.

This week felt like it was the all-time low of everything. Good thing I still have the things that keeps me going on everyday: my phone, my pair of sunglasses, and my lip balm. These three things I can't live without!

And oh yes this blog has gathered a wider audience!

Yesterday my mom called me up and expressed her excitement about my personal blog being nominated. She has no idea I have this online journal existed. I started blogging since 2001 but I was not that active, all I do is post quizzes (eg: What Superhero Are You? etc) and do my own top ten (ala-Morning Rush with Chico and Del).

She did what I asked her to do: gather more supporter up north. What's more surprising is she was also able to get support from down under. Yes, my relatives in Aussie. One of them actually called me up and asked me about these blogging things. Haha, they actually admire the work and the very gay set up of this pink blog. Thanks mom! Keep 'em coming!

With all other things regarding this and aside from getting more text messages and support all four corners of the online world, I somehow felt happy about this. All of the people I know still supported me. Some of them even sent me weekend invites to chat and talk in the following weekends. (Some of them, I haven't seen in years!) The enormous support helped me and I personally want to thank all of you!

I got to go back to work and post more sensible things in two or three days.