CMT Big Night

At my age (which I won't tell), I consider myself lucky because I still get invited to host at parties and events like 18th birthdays, weddings, and other engagements. I just hosted my Alma mater’s 26th MedTech Week held at Oasis in San Juan (even though I feel sick, I can’t say no as this was requested by my respected and well-loved professors at TUA). I felt like a student again because I get to see the young and future medical technologists (plus some of the guys are cute, they gave the extra energy I need for the night because I don’t feel well).

This is Oasis in San Juan near Broadway Centrum. Its one big place and I must say one of the perfect venues that our college had for our CMT week. Although its an open area, its well-ventilated with huge fans with sprinklers to keep everyone fresh inside.

Sir John presenting certificates to recent MT board passers

My beloved CMT faculty

And few of my long lost schoolmates, I was so busy that night I managed to get only three shots:

First: with Leeann Sarmiento (this year's PHISMETS president) Second: With Ziux and Third: With Joel

It was the most memorable Big Night. For the past three years I've been hosting our annual events and on this night they gave me this certificate of appreciation which almost made me teary eyed. It was unexpected, no matter how I've been a prodigal son to the CMT community, they still loved me all these years. This was presented to me by Dr. Stephen Baldo, our beloved dean and previously my professor in one of my major subjects.

Thanks Leeann, Doc Baldo, and the rest of the CMT faculty (especially Sir Julius and Sir Mark) for inviting me to host our MT Days for the third time! Until next year :-)


yoshke said...

someone looks like zanjoe marudo.

at least dun sa pic with a girl. haha.