"CANNED for 3 days" thoughts

I just enrolled myself at Eclipse Gym sa Shaw Boulevard. Thanks to my co-officemates' growing interest in keeping themselves fit, I decided to sign up and try their services for a month. Going to the gym after work is a change because I used to do my workout routine before work. After changing this habit, I realized the difference. There actually no difference in reaping the benefits of keeping myself toned and energized. The only difference I noticed is the commuting habits. Working nights has all the benefits when it comes to fighting the heavy traffic and the everyday rush hour around the metropolis. You come to work, they go home. You go home, they come to work. As simple as that. I am happy about this change because I get to see a lot of faces while taking the jeepney ride to the train and taking the train for an fx ride home.
Have you ever encountered those "bitchy commuters"? In the call center industry, there is actually a handful of them, I myself sometimes become one when there is a need or when provoked. Most of the time, I am one of those "takers", just taking advantage of the cheap ride to work or at home and not care at all.

You'll see those "bitchy" passengers especially inside an FX Taxi:

1. The Passenger Seat beside the driver
These are the ones who sometimes pay
for the extra seat to avoid another passenger from sitting beside them. Nakakainis talaga ang mga ganitong tipo because one: they won't give a sign that they already made their place at front to their own comfort, thus making you feel imbecile outside the vehicle trying to open the front door, and two: rush hour na inday ngayon ka pa nagdamot ng upuan sa mga gustong umuwi o pumasok sa opisina! These types are the selfish types or the pa-sosyal effect types. Kasi minsan, pag naupo ka na gitna and see them from the back, sila yung may mga N-series Phones o may PDA phones. They probably got a lot inside their bags, they don't want to get robbed or slashed out of their personal belongings. Sila rin yung may mga phobia sa holdap. Sometimes nagiging katanggap-tanggap ang ganitong tipo ng pasahero kasi minsan, sila yung may maraming dalang gamit, they don't want to annoy anyone kung maupo sila sa likod, which makes it rarely acceptable.

2. Behind the Driver, the originally 3-seater area (sa powers ng barker, nagiging 4-seater)
Because of the middle passenger seat's sorry state, the people sitting ends up having pelvic injuries, lalu na pag yung 4th passenger na ang uupo. Pero dahil nasa dulo ang "betch" kung tawagin, you might feel agitated kapag katabi mo siya or ikaw ang 3rd passenger. Because you won't him/her move an inch! Bagkus, sasandal pa yan ng paliyad making his domain bigger either matutulog siya or nag papa relax effect siya, tuloy, yung 2nd, 3rd, and 4th honors eh magsisiksikan. Sometimes, the 3rd honors would give way to the 4th seater. He will give up the back support, just to squeeze in the last passenger. The 3rd passenger will end up having back pain
s. To make the bitchiness worse, mapapansin niyo sa likod niyo kung saan nakatapat ang aircon. Sa kanya syempre, eh nag rerelax ang lolo o ang lola niyo! and the last FX passenger type

3. the "Let's Face It" people!
Bakit "Let's Face It" people? They use the cold air to close their facial pores at para di malusaw ang make up. Malamang walang aircon sa bahay. Meron din silang mga pinsan, yung mga nasa bandang back door, kung tawagin ko eh "bouncers". Panu ba naman, sa height kong to (oo may height ako, at mataas yun!) I'll end up hitting my head at the car roof when I stand up. These "bouncers", instead of standing up to give way to the passengers alighting, they will just move their knees to give way, making it difficult for you to go down, giving you a chance for a big bump in your head.
at hindi pa dito yan nagtatapos, meron pang isa para sa mga jeepney naman:



Here's the situation: Manong Driver would shout at you "Sampuan yan!" meaning each side of the jeepney is good for ten people. Makikita mong pito pa lang sila at yung iba eh naka upong pang field trip na parang di pa nila nakikita ang sights sa route nila. Panu ba naman, naka upong pang-beauty queen sila. Ay naku, on the way to the train sa Shaw last Thursday morning, I almost shouted at the people making this horribly selfish seating arrangement. They all looked at me with this irritated glance after saying "excuse me paupo". Sabi ko na lang: "Sana nag taxi kayo para kitang kita niyo ang view."