After publishing my photo essay 10 hours ago, I fell asleep and dreamed of my other dog Craig (shown in a picture below).

The dream was very very weird because it involved 2 places: Barangka, Marikina City where I grew up and my other home in Baguio.
All I remember was that my dog Craig went outside the balcony of my Baguio home (shown in left - the view from the 7th floor balcony) and accidentally fell from the 7th floor. Luckily, he was saved by the electric wires below and he was able to "hold" on to the wire. I was in panic upon seeing this; I instantly went down the ground floor using the elevator. I was crying inside the elevator because I was desperate to seek. The next scene in my dream I was with a group of firefighters somewhere in Marikina. Their mission: TO SAVE MY DOG FROM FALLING FROM THE 7th FLOOR.

Weird isn't it.

I felt a whirlwind of emotions in my dream: panic, extreme sadness, and extreme joy towards the end, because I was able to see my dog safe, I just don't know how he got himself down the ground. There was also a feeling of enormous frustration because the fire truck used to save my dog from falling was very slow in moving.

When you dream, why is everything so damn slow? Especially in this case, I need help but my heroes were too slow to respond to my need?

I don't know, the moment I woke up I started typing this poorly-written account of my dream.

I wonder what this means? Better go downstairs to spend time with my pets.