The Week That Was

I've had the not-so-great but definitely refreshing week 7 days ago. I think my trip back home helped me in a lot of ways due to the fact that I spent my 5 days off (3 day paid leave + 2 weekend) with my family in Baguio.

My original itinerary was to fix my mom's biz website, re-create my chocolate concoctions to my dad and sister so they can make some while I'm back to work, and unwind to some of my favorite places in the country's summer capital.

It didn't turn out as planned due to bad weather. Manila experienced bad weather that week, so as Baguio City. I love rain yes, but when having your planned vacation, it's a hassle. Cold weather made me sleepy and lazy while I'm up north. All I did was c
ook, sleep, and surf the web. During my five day stay, I only stayed outside a total of 10 hours: 2 hours with my co-office worker in an "ukay-ukay" place (its like a flea market of clothes, mostly second-hand, some are new if you're lucky enough), 3 hours in the market (buying goodies and home needs during my stay), and the remaining 5 hours at this cozy resto "Pizza Volante" at Session Road enjoying their famous pizzas and my newly-discovered favorite: the Volante Waffles! :-)

Here's a pic of what I've seen outside the balcony of my humble home up north:

It's just rain and fog.

By the way, I managed to create 5 exciting combinations of nuts, dried fruits, and other flavors like peppermint in some of our dark sweet, bittersweet, and white chocolates. My family loved it, hopefully our closest buyers will love it as well. My sister loved the cookies and mint, I think she kept everything I made to herself.

I was able to speak to my dad about my plan of going out of the country (hopefully next year), keeping the biz stronger (although it was never strong in the past year), and the possibilities of being my own boss. Yes, it came to my mind last week.

I thought of quitting my job and focusing on what we have up north. I constantly asked few of my closest friends about it and all of them disagreed. I also disagreed. I love the idea but it is too risky for me as of the moment, I still like what I'm doing here in Manila, and I can't leave grandma with the helpers.

I guess I just have to focus on my plans in the next year. Hopefully I won't encounter any fogs along the way.