the pink phenomena

Local news are airing live videos from different locations where the total lunar eclipse is visible. Weather in Manila is cloudy making few of my friends (my more geeky friends) frustrated at the situation.

I managed to get news from the internet and television instead, as I gazed outside our window, it is indeed impossible to catch a glimpse of the red moon rising. To some its coppery red. For me and the ABC News in Australia - its coppery pink!

Damn you moon, I've seen you every night (before going to the office) making phases at me (or making faces) now I need to see you all red in the face (or in the phase). LOL

I still love you though :-)

Because of getting information about the much-talked about phenomena, I almost arrived late in the office. The eclipse as seen through the net with live screenshots were awesome. And oh yes! A lot of astrologers are saying that the red lunar eclipse will make several Virgoans and Pisceans go nuts and easily get mad over something. Same goes for Geminis and Sagitarians, but not that much. The four may either go gaga or go euphorically happy and positive over something.

I'm a Gemini and I don't see the difference. For now.


I remembered the October 1994 solar eclipse where I turned my whole school go gaga about the phenomena thay had to cancel 3 subjects just to make everyone go out the quadrangle and use their own improvised glasses.

How I did this?

Well, I asked my teacher if I can go to the john and make pee. I managed to get 3 pee breaks in 1 hour just to check the sun if he's starting to make phases (or faces LOL). Then I saw the initial shadows of the moon.
I immediately went nuts and approached the next room (the lower batch having Science class at that time) where students are actually making plans for their experiment: solar eclipse viewing. As I shouted the news, they rushed outside and called other friends from the other rooms. The school personnel including the teachers couldn't handle the situation anymore decided to call it quits and joined the mob: including the principal. Everyone was happy and got tanned the whole day from 11 AM to 2 PM.

It was later announced that day that classes would resume 2:30PM. And the student responsible for the chaos would also be apprehended. :-)