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At last I've seen Evan Almighty and the pilot episode of "House" on DVD. I have this secret crush on Steve Carrell. I don't know why but I find him cute especially on his widely-popular movie "The 40-Year Old Virgin". His funny antics and the way he delivered his lines are sexy to my ears. Call me sick or something but he is even hotter in the US version of "The Office".

'House' on the other hand touched my inclination to the medical side. I've seen a few TV series on DVD such as 'Prison Break', 'Desperate Housewives', 'Heroes', and 'Family Guy' to name a few but never in my entire life I got so enticed and amazed with the pilot episode alone. I guess pilot episodes of each newly-produced TV series should be made the way 'House' put up every aspect of it.


At last after almost a year of its release, I finally got a copy (thanks to Ayi who lent me a copy) of the indie-flick "Big Time". My friends from high school and college are talking about it years ago until I stumbled upon its website and got me interested. What's more interesting is that it was produced by an Bukas Palad member, and my godfather and a choir friend was included in the choir scene standing behind Joanne Miller, who happens to be one of our HR people in the office and an office acquaintance. Small world huh?