I now have back flabs!

This is me almost 4 years ago:

and this is me after before I went to the gym to get toned up:

I dunno why but I think I over-done my fitness regimen. My instructor asked me to eat more to gain mass, take in more protein and some stuff.

I love my shape now but few of my officemates noticed the difference somewhere behind me. I was so thin in 140 lbs 8 months ago, I didn't like it coz I felt dry. Now I'm 157 lbs in my 5'9 1/2" frame. They noticed my back flabs!


Last Saturday morning, I enrolled myself at Eclipse. It'll be my Tuesday and Saturday gym after work with my office mates.

I love the place, it has more cardio machines. I love cardio! By the way, my fitness intructor at Maic's Gym deprived me of my previous 30-minutes pre and post workout regimen. I only now have 5 to 10 minutes of cardio and an hour and a half of doing weights. I think this new routine made me chunkier.

I need to stop the back flabs!

Which is better, be chunkier or be the petit boy I used to be?


mrs.j said...

wow another succcesful pagpapapayat. congrats..

Ken said...

Talk about starvation. Lol. You must be really faithful to your regime. Congrats anyway.

JIMG29 said...

wow, congrats! tenks your daily regiments, mas gwapito kang tignan!