This video made my day, it gave me goosebumps as these Cebu Inmates made me proud! As of press time, this has garnered 1,400,000+ views in YouTube and made a sensation amongst internet freaks (including bloggers) around the globe.

It was so gay at the first few minutes, complete with a guy playing Jacko himself and the girl from the famous 80's video "Thriller". The dance steps will remind you of the past and the movie "13 going on 30". Love it :-)
This can be the gay equivalent of 'Prison Break' (forgive me and my gay mind *wink*) hopefully this video may touch the hearts of PB producers LOL. It would be great if they make a musical episode of PB. Just one, just one...and please spare Wentworth Miller from dancing if they do this.
*my mind is not working properly while making this post - please be advised


JM said...

Haha. It was featured in Balitan K, may props pa sila na coffin!