canned thought number 1

the pickled past
parental guidance is advised

When I was younger, I have this childhood neighbor, I think he was 4 years older than me.

We were playmates and used to hang out a lot in the middle of our two houses (because we don’t have a fence and our families were so close). My biological dad was a soldier for the government. We lived in this neighborhood of retired generals and soldiers somewhere in Rizal during my younger years.

By the way, this boy again is cute. But when I was younger, I use to say to myself I will never be a parlor gay. EVER. I used to say to myself “I will never be gay”.

One morning, I think that was before lunch, he invited me over to play in his house since his parents are out. I accepted the offer since I never been inside their home, I dunno why.

I can’t recall the details after that but I remember him inviting me to enter his parent’s bedroom. He locked it. Then he touched me.

I found it weird at first and that’s it. All I know is that it’s just touching and fondling of some sorts. And all I know is that it happened several times, with more participation of course J

He introduced me to things which I find euphoric now that I’m old and sexually matured. I’m telling you, it will not be sensual when you’re still young and virgin to these earthly things. But you know what? I sometimes think of everything we've done in his parent's room. Sometimes I think of him.

After ten years since we moved to a different town, my family decided to visit some of our neighbor friends in this boy's neighborhood. I was excited because I haven’t been there in years! I want to see our old house, our neighbors, and my old classmates from MSH and of course, the neighbor who invited me to the young gay world.

So I took a walk in the street where our old house is located. I saw this guy riding a bike a few meters away from our previous home.

I saw his face and recognized it a bit. Then I asked his name and verified if he was *bleep*.

He said no.

Then I heard a girl shouting the *bleep* name.

It was his sister.

See, he denied it!

I chit-chatted with the sis and his mom, asked a few "how are you's" and "where you've been's". It was great seeing them reminiscing about the past years we’ve been there and other stuff.

The guy, all grown up, has this strange look on me. He's probably thinking of what he's done on me and the explorations during our younger years. Mysterious look but cute, it made him cute. He’s still cute!

I giggled a bit.

Coz I was thinking of it too. :-)