I'm sure most of you guys have seen the new 'Transformers' movie. I remembered during my younger years, this was the one of the reasons why kids of my age tease me. I was never a fan of GI Joe, Transformers, or any futuristic and action-packed themed cartoon series. I only watched it to show everyone around me that I am a pure hetero-boy. Damn. Instead, I watched Carebears, Popeye, Casper, and the Channel 2 dubbed cartoons. I was once hooked with Shaider, Bioman, TMNT, and Power Rangers, but that was during my 'confusion' years.

Last night was different. Again, I felt like I found my lost childhood. (So Michael Jackson!)

My officemate wanted to see this flick so I made my little research about the Autobots and the Decepticons a day before the 4th of July. At first, well, I just read the text from Wikipedia. Then I researched about the old cartoon series and how the first animation movie became a flop due to its darker scenes. I was in my geeky mode and loved it! I'm telling you, the history of Transformers is so rich, it almost made sense to me. I loved the movie so much especially the Autobot with heart and soul, Mr. Bumblebee. :-)

Everything was perfect, the effects and the drama between the robots and humans involved were somehow realistic. I love Optimus Prime! The way Bumblebee handled his master's affairs is so funny. Ahh, see the movie, its worth it! My amazement and excitement the whole time is unexplainable.

Again, I felt like a kid and there was something lost in me, but thanks to the movie I found it. I even wanted to have one of those action figures! Ahh, it sounded heterosexual but yes, I found the man in me. It's just geeky though :-) LOL


There are lots of movie reviews and rants about Transformers and I am not making one. Why? I simply loved the movie, and I can't wait to see the second serving!