The Weekend of a Teen I Was

June 23rd was the day I turned exactly 23 years and 1 month old. Time is always saying "Hey, next month it'll be your second month" and my mom saying "You're not getting any younger".
They're right.

The 23rd of May was not the most fabulous day, it was the day where everyone in the family forgot about my birthday because grandma was in the hospital during that time. It was like my 19th birthday, less the girl. It made the feeling more frustrating on my part when my folks from the not-so-far side of the world tried to wake me up and for a post-birthday greeting..it happened on the 23rd of June.

I was lucky enough to watch a play last June 23rd, one month after the real birthday. An officemate offered me tickets for Zsazsa Zaturnnah ze Muzikal. Of course, anything for the dark side; I bought a ticket! My other officemates bought their tickets too, so yay! "Yay" because it'll be an activity with my officemates other than WORK! And "Yay" because it's time to see people outside of my room and forget about the importance of an 8-hour sleep! [It helps to slow down the aging process!] So I went to Makati, the usual meet up place and the only place I know in Makati where I can be safe: G3 :-) My good friend decided to wait at Starbucks, to wait for another friend who happens to live just around the area. Had coffee, after 8 months of detoxifying myself from caffeine. It was pure bliss, I miss the diuretic effects and the alertness. 8PM was the start of the show so we arrived their around 15 minutes before. Of course I saw my other officemates, and a some of my long lost friends whom I didn't have the opportunity to chat and ask how they were doing. (My apologies Jay and Maan..)

The cast of Ze Muzical were awezome!

Vince who wrote the musical gave justice to Ada's role. It seemed to me that he was so tired that night, I can feel it. Well, being a musical writer, he must be doing a lot of work before the show and during the show, plus acting in front of 200 something people. Kudos!

Didi, my ever-so-favorite Didi played by Nar Nabico, who portrayed the role of an extremely gay version of the character (singing "to the left, to the left" and singing like a diva on-stage, I can see myself in him when I was his age) Nar gave justice to the show. He is one hell-of-an-actor! WINNER! Dahil kay Didi, parang gusto ko na rin mag-theatre. Actually, interested talaga ako, why not di ba!?

K Brosas played the hero that night. She was superb and very gay. It's like watching 22nd Street, less the booze and the waiters. In fairness, her voice is indeed more powerful than Eula's even Zsazsa's (the singer). I've seen her doing covers of Zsazsa Padilla's songs in the past and she can REALLY belt it out effortlessly!

Of course, the classic beauty of Dodong, in the person of Arnold Reyes. He is perfect for the role, and I must say a lot of gays are going gaga over this fine man. Not so tall but very chunky. Like Didi said, "Buong buo ang noodles!" I can say he will be one of the reasons why I should join theatre in the not so distant future. Hehehe ---->

Let's not forget the ever-shy Carlo Vergara. I'm so lucky to see him in person. The guy who started it all, was standing in a corner, watching every cast doing their photo op with the audience. That was something, I congratulated him but forgot to ask why the 5th run will be the last and when is book 2 coming out? ;-)

The lobby, a crowd of gay boys and girls (it felt like grand EB). Never seen such a crowd of special people with special abilities in months. Been waddling in the straight pool lately, and god i missed seeing special people like me hehehe.

pouting with Kalila Aguilos,
the Queen Femina in white fur

threesome with Arnold Reyes
and Vince De Jesus


Here's what I found in the g4m forums, just read and analyze:
This person, said that there are two types of discreet men in the gay world:

"1. DISCREET GAY (HOMO) - sila yung mga tao ba bata palang sila (age 7) alam na nilang bakla sila. . Ang mga discreet gay ay ni minsan hindi nag ka GF or nag ka gusto sa babae simula ng mag ka isip sila. Pero mas pinili nila maging kilos lalake dahil na hihiya sila o walang lakas na loob.

2. DISCREET BI (Bisexual) - Sila ang tipong bata pa sila alam nila straight sila, nag kaka gusto sa babae nag kaka GF. kadalasan sa mga discreet bisexual late na nilang na lalaman na silahis sila o nag kaka gusto rin sila sa kapwa lalake."

My reaction: On the bounds of being a discreet gay, do I need to know that at the age of 7? I believe that there is no such thing. Also for the discreet bi, once you had a taste of your kind, you will become..well... like one of us. Wag mo na lokohin ang sarili mo!

What's more irritating is this:

"kaya yung mga nag hahanap jan ng TOTOONG DISCREET BISEX kilatisin nyo muna mga pare!!!
bago mag eb dapat mag usap kayo sa telepono pakingggan nyo boses pakinggan nyo kung pano tumawa kung pano sumakay sa mga joke nyo. pag sumablay babaan nyo na ng telepono."

"Mahirap makipag eb, kaibigan o makipag kilala sa mga effem/out na gay (pero di ko nilalahat) Dahil karamihan sa kanila di nila na iintindihan ang katayuan o kalagayan ng mga discreet bisex na kagaya ko. at karamihan sa mga effem/out na gay (uulitin ko di ko nilalahat) madaldal, di mo pwede pag ka tiwalaan ng sekreto"

Here's an anti-irritant, eto yung banat:

"generally agree with whapak and coby hunter on how they define DISCREET but the term:

1- HOMOSEXUAL - are for people who are attracted to the same gender

2- BISEXUALS - are people who are attracted to both gender

kaya if you don't fantasize about the opposite sex, PLEASE stop from describing yourself as BISEXUALS because you're not!"

Another banat:

"it's always stupid to assume what other people feel or how they acted. you can't judge them from the little things you know about them. every person has a history and a motivation for doing the things they do and not choosing to do something.
just because other people doesn't agree with you doesn't mean they're wrong and you're right. if you still believe you are right, let's see you face the people that believes that you are wrong for sleeping with men. "