After that wonderful Saturday night I had, I felt this depression. The depression of being not the person I wanted to be. I've been into series of mishaps and struggles in life but with the help of wit and talent I was able to cope with the harsh realities of life.

I could've been a journalist, a successful medical technologist, a photographer, a singer, a volunteer for the arts, or maybe a stage actor. I'm a huge cesspool of talents mixed with emotional and physical instability. To make it short, I REALLY am a LOSER.

There are a lot of things I started to do when I entered college and I've done so many things which can make anyone proud. Being a multi-tasked person is a good thing, but it will never help you be the stable and fulfilled. This piece of reality haunted me for the past few days and somehow, this thought of being a "sorry loser" became the reality I am now.

Now, I am an imperialist slave. Some of my leftist friends must be thinking bad things about me right now. I swallowed everything that I said before. But for my closest friends and acquaintances, they might consider this as my laurel.

Work. Sleep. Gym.

This is my life now and I am trying to get back everything that I've lost along the way. The road I took 2 years ago made me lost some of my greatest dreams in life. Little by little, I can reclaim everything no matter how busy it is in my world.

I've lost everything on my journey, I don't know if I'm ready to pick up the pieces. But I will . I should to get back my life. My old life.

I think I need to change my template.

I need a resolution.


Kids are turning vegan these days, thanks to that vegetable stew commercial and its wonders to their health and mental performance. Damn, that brown piece of flavoring, I never thought that it can make kids eat their veggies despite the fact that it contains MSG.

I just saw Arnold Reyes' new TV ad, from the same company who made this MSG-filled kid-magnet flavoring cube, only this time, it’s about "paksiw na bangus". It almost made my day after seeing him on TV, cooking fish with vinegar and spices. What a wonderful sight! I'm telling you, Arnold's my newfound crush :-) He's absolutely adorable and he makes my hormones act like crazy! Damn you MSG!

Gotta eat fish and veggies!