Another Sunday had past. Another lonely Sunday. Sort of.

Well, I had another movie day actually. Saw "World Trade Center" at Rob-East with myself. It wasn't that awkward being alone. C'mon, I've been watching movies alone for almost a year now. Free from distractions and free from friends who will sneer on you especially when watching mushy mushy movies. Hehehe (I would like to exclude my bestfriend, her sister, and her mom because I'm really comfortable watching movies with them.)

Whoa, after movies I had my 2 cups of coffee on the rocks. . (Thanks to Figaro)

I just had a lonely afternoon. Bought old movies to watch and got myself online for updates here and around the world.

Until I received a message from my discreet account (i am not gonna tell you! teehee..)

In that account of mine, my profile says "I like coffee and conversations" and some things like "Don't send a message if your up for sex" (or something like that). A long lost internet acquaintance sent me a message for a meet up.

I decided to give it a shot and went out of the batcave.

It was a kind of far place from my home. A discreet coffee shop. It was a first time (yes, true story..) for me to meet up someone from the net. Told you I was new to these things.

I arrived 20 minutes earlier and most of that 20 minutes I was paranoid. Maybe this person is using another picture (because there is this one guy who looked at me and left after 5 minutes)..I saved a message in my drafts..a hate message. Luckily I didn't send that one.

I was really lucky this person didn't stood up on me. He was in fact real.

A dull Sunday turned out to be a very interesting Sunday with a person from the net. He's younger than me and I must say, very urbanized. Highly urbanized than me. ;-)


I am still thankful though for my friends who warned me before about EB's. You don't have to worry, it turned out fine.