(pag naulit na ang naulit pa noong naulit ang mga naulit na bagay bagay noong unang panahon...)

In love, I learned not to selfish. Give time. Give space.

Does it have to be like this all the time?

Well, how are you going to do this if you haven't experienced REAL love?

The 'confusion' will soon come to an end.

I've been so happy for the past few months. To tell you the truth, it was like euphoria with a bit of nirvana. Remember my last post? Well, I learned that this person is in a committed relationship and been going on for quite sometime. Rumor has it that it was just a defense mode. Well, good thing this person's with me. Martyr ako eh, at shield pa! Pinagtanggol ko even to my closest friends in the office na hindi siya tulad kong bi. Sounds like a 'one way street', but for me, it's okay.

We bacame close and what's worse: i fell.

To be honest, for the nth time, umikot ang mundo ko sa kanya. I often say to myself that this person is my only "energy drink" everytime I come to the office. I don't know if it became obvious to this person, but most of my friends say: "He likes the attention whenever this person's with you".


One time in a far beach land, we had a few days of relaxation with few of our friends.
One friend of mine told this person the real score. This friend of mine will forever be in my heart. She helped with my dilemma in ways you can't imagine.

She took this person from our group to have a private talk. After a series of talks and reality bites, she asked this person the last question:

"Is it positive or negative?"

That night I was clueless when I learned of that incident. I burst into tears. During that time I thought of the few days left and the things I should do not to be aloof.

***to be continued***

haven't heard of this song..

Paano Nga Ba?


Pa'no nga ba sabihin sa'yo?

Ang tunay na damdamin ko

Nangangamba sa kalalabasan

Ngunit ayaw kang pakawalan

Di ko naman pinlano ito

Bakit nga ba nagkaganito?

Tayo naman ay magkaibigan

Ngunit sana ay magka-ibigan

Gumugulo na ang aking isip

Nadadala ang puso sa ihip

Dampi ng iyong panaginip

Pa'no nga ba ang magmahal?

Lagi na lang lang dinarasal

Pa'no ko ba ipadadama

Kung meron kang mahal na iba?

Paano nga ba sabihin sayo?

Nagdurugo ang puso kong... ito


Happy Mom's Day!