CONFUSIONS of a 21-year old Drama Queen

(a silent comeback)

Have you ever been confused?

Confused. When things around you go out of hand and at the same time your emotions are in a state of what they call "emosyonal" (hehe..gago..). Feelings and frustrations fuse into one big ball of heavy metal lodged in your gut (as in ganon kabigat ang feeling).

Given these situations, will really leave you susceptible to a lot of emotional infections. We do have our own weaknesses ( well, i call them infections). People know me as strong person and for the past few weeks I was confused, not for my own sexuality, but for someone's sexuality.

It's kinda stressful when you know in your heart that a man isn't gay, but when your friends tell you things like: "Heard him scream like a fag", or "Most of us in the group thinks he is one of us". Stressful.

What's more stressful is, I haven't felt this feeling for a long time, and this "weakness" of mine almost decapitated me for a while.

You want to stop that feeling but at the same time people around you gives you hope.

"Straight siya"

"Bading siya"

"Let him be kung ganun siya para sa inyo"

Shit happens. Ang hirap ma-inlab sa isang taong confused.

Falling in love is my weakness.

Worst, I'm loving that person in silence, for in silence I find no rejection... (yung mga ganong factor)

It's for me to find out.


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