I've been checking a lot of blogs lately especially Bernz' and McVie's.

I really missed a lot from these two blogistas..

I'm on this "unexpected vacation" dito sa Baguio. It was an emergency, favor sa akin ng mommy ko na umakyat and take care of some things while she's busy.

Official Yaya ang job ko ngayon for my sister. I cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for her. Do the laundry and keep the house clean. Because the climate here in Baguio is quite inviting, malilimutan mo ang haggardness ng situation.

Last night, I texted my friend to come over my place for a dinner with my sister. Then afterwards we went to Kaffe Klatsch for a cup of coffee and nice music. My friend Mabel, is the artist in-charge last night. I stayed there for an hour or so. Naki-jamming na rin with them, singing my usual repertoire like "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain, "Ako'y Sa Iyo, Ika'y Akin" by IAXE, and "Kahit Kailan" by South Border. Miss Mabel and I also made a duet, our own rendition of "Always" by Atlantic Star.

Diva for a Night ang drama ng lolo mo.

I was surprised to see a fellow blogista sa coffee shop na yun whom I met earlier this evening for another cup of coffee. (Kasi naman, wala akong social life dito.. Manila, I'm coming home.in two days). It was Jemai and his friend Tony.

After that Friday night of acoustic jamming, I invited Jason, the guitarist and his girlfriend Vien to come over our place for another round of coffee and chat. Sa lamig ng Baguio, mapapakape ka 24/7!

Another hour came and we decided to call it a good night.

As I went back, I met three people sa loob ng elevator. Neighbors from the other unit.
Sabi pa nga ng mom ko, sila yung mga maiingay lagi sa floor namin. Kauri ko.

"Kuya, saan po kayo sa *th floor?"

"Ah, sa ** ako."

Hmmm, "kuya"... Mukha na pala akong thunder cat ganun ba?

"Oh well, pag wala po kayong makausap katok kayo sa amin."

Tango lang ako.

"Okay, nice meeting you guys" sabi ko.

Sabay esquierda pauwi sa aming unit. At humabol pa.

"By the way I'm *******."

"I'm James" sabay fade out.

Thank you for the time spent reading on my boring weekend in Baguio.



Maulan ba dyan sa Manila?

Hahaha, kahit boring dito, foggy lang. Masarap lumabas, hindi ka mababasa ulan, bagkus ay madadampian ka lang ng hamog.


Hamog tubig, hindi hamog na babasa sa natutuyung kuwan..



Jemai and Tony,

Thanks for the time kanina sa Klastch. I really appreciate your exixstence.
Kung hindi ko pa kayo na-meet kanina malamang nabaliw na ako.

Buhay ko na ang makipag-daldalan. Hehehe

Nice meeting you guys!