First of all, my apologies to Bernz and McVie for me canceling my first real BED experience last Saturday.

What happened last Saturday?

The time was 2:30 in the afternoon. I left the house to go for an audition for Studio 23's Tadjock Quest at Studio 17. Well, nag-fe-feeling lang akong subukan yung pagiging tadjock, I even prepared my very funny piece for my first audition.

I made a note in my phone's notepad the day before the day of audition.

So I went home early last Friday for my beauty sleep. I opened my bag to get my phone. Naknamfootah, naiwan ko sa school paper office ang phone ko.

So eto na ang Sabado, I left the house 2:30 in the PM, to get my phone first then off to ABS-CBN para subukan ang swerti. But alas, the event where I suppose to serve coffee already started around 4PM pagdating ko sa school. Too late.

I told myself I should go to this event first and audition later at 6PM, malapit lang naman ang event sa ABS-CBN.

I was asked by my friends Ronald, Ayi, Ali, and AE to help them serve and market their newest product. Actually, they're just distributors of this very good coffee brand.


I helped them in serving this fine coffee in a party held at Bound Books in Castor Street cor. Tomas Morato.

BOUND BOOKS? I will tell you later what's in this bookstore.

6PM came. I later realized it was too late to audition for tadjock, I remembered the last time I went to ABS for an audition, I came there 1 hour before the deadline, but the people their stopped accepting applicants for the studio is already full. Natalo ko na sana si Pokwang. Echoz!

So ayun, hindi na ako pumunta to save my energy for another event at 8PM.
My friend's 18th birthday party at Sulo Hotel.

It's very funny. I was 19 years old when I attended a debut party. The last 18th birthday of my barkada. Now, 2 years later, na-i-invite pa rin ako. Fresh pa rin kasi ang beauty ko hehehe.
Dumating ang 7:30PM, I started fixing myself, from serbidora attire to a formal attire made by Lloyd Arceo. Tarush! Parang Cinderella Story itu!

I arrived bonggaeciously at Sulo Hotel sa Matalino Street. I only stayed there for 3 hours, kasi I promised my 'amu' to come back at Bound Books. I was the 14th out of the 18 roses/dance. I deceived a lot of friends and other acquaintances, mukha daw akong luluking-luluki.


I seized the opportunity to sight some of the good-looking serbidors around the ballroom area. Hindi naman nila ako nahahalata. I felt sorry for them, the 2 guys in particular, na napansin at pinansin ko the whole 3 hours were sobrang drop-dead handsome, good-looking guys. Kung ako lang ay may gay porn business, tanggap agad sila! Hehehehe, joke lang.
I flirted a bit. I called them both to ask for something. The other guy for water, the other for iced tea. O di ba, killing two birds in one stone.

The Water Guy's name is Edward.

The Iced Tea Guy's name is Benedict.

Sounds family?

They're so chunky. Oh boy Am I sure!


Bakit ako napauwi ng maaga last Saturday?

Dumating ang mommy ko from Baguio, the very reason why I didn't go to BED with McVie.Worst, she'll be here every Saturday's of this month.

The reason of stay?

May concert siya sa 3rd Saturday. Diva rin ang nanay ko, sa kanya ako nagmana. ;-)
She asked me to accompany her to rehearsals every Saturday until the day of the concert itself.

Will post something about that concert within this week.



Located at Castor Street corner Tomas Morato in QC. Malapit sa Grappa's!

It's a bookstore that sells second-hand books. Mostly rare editions of foreign and local books.
Doon ko nabili ang iba kong books, such as "The Pianist by Wladislaw Spilzmann" and "Ang Kagilagilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni ZsaZsa Zaturnnah: Collected Edition". May book two na ba itu?

Teka, rare ba yun? Hehehehe

Panalo ang Bound Books sa kanilang EROTICA section. Patok sa mga Straight and Gays alike.Actually, mas patok na patok sa mga sangkabaklaan at mga el magikeros alike. I'm telling you guys, umaapaw at very intriguing ang selections.

Of course, all books are marked-down prices. Better condition ang books compared sa ibang second-hand bookstore.

This bookstore rocks!