LIFE'S A BITCH (and I'm her Daddy)
Used with permission from Trixie's Canned Thoughts

Hey guys! I missed blogging soooooooo much!

The title of my post speaks clearly of my angsts and frustrations. These negative thoughts however, were solved in the past few weeks. The best title for this post would be 'Life's A Bitch Lately (and were almost filing a divorce) ;-)

My student life is coming to an end. I'm so excited about it. The stress that 'bitched' me lately made me into an aggressive person. Details no more...

Sa loob ng isang buwan na pagiging absent sa blog, hindi magkakasya sa post na ito ang mga detalye sa buhay ko.

I met a radio broadcaster from LA two weeks ago. She came here to be a part of the Initernational Solidarity Mission in Samar. Before she left for the province, we met at Pinoy Weekly office for an interview. She interviewed me about the college trends in the country (nursing/medtech/caregiver courses to work abroad chuvas). Syempre, gusto ko talaga maging braodcast journalist, so i told her about my dilemma. After the interview, she gave ne a website where I can start my dream: BROADCAST JOURNALIST!

Details? Nah..nakikigamit lang ako ng computer. May virus na kasi ang PC ko sa bahay (remember the Windows Professional Sabotage thingee? Nasa balita yun, sa CNN).

Gusto niyo ng kabaklaan? hehehehehe


O eto, kabaklaan na.

TIGANG AKO. Yes, truly-ly..

Honestly guys, hindi naman ako sexually occupied. My last sex was almost a year ago, so no wonder, glue stick na instead of kaong ang lalabas sa kuwan ko.

Anyway, I recently got myself a 2nd cellphone with a SUN cellular sim card. Napilitan lang akong gumamit ng SUN for my professional needs. Sa totoo lang, ang laki ng savings!

Here's my number, gusto ko lang mapuno ang PB ko.


Salamat sa SUN, I was able to catch up with my past acquaintances in an instant.
Lalu na sa isang taong tawagin na lang natin sa panagalang ".....hmmm"

Wag na muna, itatanong ko muna kung pwede kong i-share ang story ko about HIM.

CONCLUSION...to come!

Miss ko na kayong lahat! Especially Bernz and McVie..

Pati na rin sila Ate Maan and company..