Each and everyone of us should take our vitamins regularly. It will not give you a 100% defense but at least it'll lessen the physical and emotional damage. I hate being sick, it takes more than a week to heal and rejuvenate the whole me.

It all started with an itchy throat last Wednesday morning. Thoughts flowed through my mind.

Ahh! Sore Throat?

In the middle of rainy season?

What? The chances of me having flu are really fat!

I'm stressed, I'm tired, what else?

Right after my class, I went home feeling a bit sick.

The next morning, HURRAY! I have a 39 degree-celcius fever.

Right on time!

I'm still in the healing process. I must warn you guys about this f***ing new strain of flu, it'll make you look hagard and it'll destroy your youthful glow.

More beauty rest.


Yay! Exam week coming up.

I'm f***ed-up again.