I woke up at around 11 am. I feel refreshed after my essential 8-hour sleep.

Finally, the hagardness is gone...

Another boring Saturday for me. Yay!

Examination week is coming, my geeky mode is killing me! I have this habit, very weird habit of fixing my room before studying. I have this so-called "Obsessive- Compulsive" thing in me which I inherited from my mom.

I hate glass circles (round circles made of water, a product of a cup or a glass filled with cold water). I always make sure my friends and other guests use coasters whenever they visit my place for a drink.

I hate shoe marks on the floor.

I hate it when someone messes with my CD and DVD collection. They are alphabetically arranged in my CD cabinet in my room.

I hate dirty plates in the sink. I always make sure the sink is empty before I go to sleep or else I will have nightmares.

I hate it when someone eats on the dining table without a place mat. The same thing with a glass of cold water without a coaster.

I hate coffee cups without saucers.

I hate improperly-placed throwpillows on the sofa.

I love the inner Monica Geller in me, but most people hate it.

Who can blame me? I just want a clean environment, that's all!


I went to school and stayed the whole day in the school paper office, fixed some things, talked to the staffwriters and the editors.

Nothing much.


My co-editors and I went home at around 11 PM.

As we were walking in front of Robinson's Metro East along Marcos Highway, we stumbled upon two people in a motorcycle. They have this small pink basket full of Audio CDs.

I asked them if they are for sale.

I was astonished! They are not the pirated ones! And yes, they are for sale..

Some of the titles I found were rare and hard-to-find stuff. Collection of 60's music, French Coffee Table music and a lot more! They also have Sade and James Taylor, which I already own.

The CD's I found were all original. All of them unopened. Definitely brand new!

For how much?

PHP 60.00 each!

My ever-boring Saturday ended up well, thanks to these vendors, for selling these CD's in "sobrang-bagsak-presyo" prices.

I bought "THE ESSENTIAL TOTO CD", originally priced at PHP 250.00 at Odyssey and "MORE PERHAPS PERHAPS PERHAPS: 40 everlasting gems", a double-CD compilation of 60's music which includes Shirley Bassey's 'Kiss Me Honey Honey (Kiss Me)', Bobby Vee's 'Take Good Care Of My Baby', and Little Eva's 'The Locomotion' (which I thought an original from Kylie Minogue..hehehe). Disc 2 is a compilation of 60's instrumentals which includes John Barry's 'James Bond Theme', The Venture's 'Hawaii Five-O', and Lalo Schifrin's 'Mission Impossible Theme'. All Digitally Remastered.

2 albums for PHP 120.00

What a bargain!

The 60's music CD would be very perfect for my listening pleasure for tomorrow's "General Cleaning Sunday".