I was one of the first few people who experienced the public transportation that was MEGATREN: The Purple Line/The Purple Train connecting Santolan to Recto. Life became easier since it opened a few years ago, and so for my habit of boy-watching. LOL

This morning was just an ordinary morning routine of waking up, eating breakfast, lightening up my mood by listening to music (Tori Amos, Dixie Chicks, Mariah Carey.. walang aangal!) while taking a bath, 30-minute pampering, grooming, and everything. Another boring weekday.

I consumed more than 30 minutes just applying some stuff in my skin and hair (wax, vitamin e lotion, etc). I did this to cover the 'hagardness' from doing some reviews last night. Damn you, exam week!

Walk for minute.

2-minute tricycle ride.

5-minute FX ride to LRT Santolan Station.

Walk and wait for a train.

Zoom! Lahat nagmamadali papasok ng train, tila contestant sa Amazing Race.

I actually bumped into a classmate of mine, a proud lesbian. (no naming names!)
My friend and I decided to stop at Gilmore station instead of Araneta Center station, because we're late! As we were browsing thru our reviewers, I noticed someone, two persons away from me, a past... a person from my past. Let's call him J****e.

It was J****e. I'm not sure kung si J****e nga yun, so I decided to call him on his mobile. It was ringing. I looked into his face for a sign, maybe he'll smirk a bit from the vibration coming from his pocket or something. But hell, no reaction.

So I made a desperate act to make him notice me.

"J****e! Answer the phone!"




"Mr. J****e A*******s!"

Ayun nakuha ko ang attention niya.

He gave me a blank stare, sabay tinanggal ko ang shades ko.

"Hindi sinasagot ni J****e ang mobile niya."

"Hindi ko kasi dala phone ko."

Uy, nakilala ako! Medyo gulat pa rin siya, I can see it from his eyes. We haven't seen each other in years. His memory of me was that big, fat paminta from Marikina. He changed a lot, hindi na siya mestizo masyado, sign na na-hagard na rin siya sa buhay. Andun pa rin ang kanyang "model body", at mas matangkad na ako sa kanya ngayon. Ikaw ba naman ang maging tatay.

Hindi ko na ikukwento ang sandaling chit-chat with my 'past'. Basta kinamusta ko na lang ang baby niya at ang kanyang job. Unemployed na pala siya, he's studying again. This morning's train ride was..oh well.. a bit of heaven. I missed him so much, I want to see him again and have a chat over a cup of coffee. I remembered the days when we we're still close to each other, when everything was platonic. Fuck.

"Arriving at Gilmore Station, Paparating na sa Gilmore Station."

"O, text na lang kita ha!"

Shakehands (I dunno kung napansin niyang medyo kumulot ako sa moment na iyun, nag-blush? ah ewan..)

When will I see you again? sa loob ko lang..

Tulala naming binaybay ng friend ko ang sakayan papuntang Jollibee E-Rod.