Musical Post Again

In the next four months, our bassist will leave the island for the UK. My music career / rock band life will soon be put to a temporary halt, and that gives me time to study and learn to play a new instrument, may it be the actual instrument or a portable instrument from guitar center keyboards shop. I have done this many times back in high school, and I have no problem doing "self-study" again. I'm sure there are loads of resources online to become a better amateur musician.

Happy To Be Back!

It's been a loooong time since I wrote something here - I guess its time to make myself active on blogging again. This online journal has been on the web for more than 10 years and I guess its time to bring it back to the limelight like it was 10 years ago.

So many things has happened in my life and now I am in my early 30's - every bit of youth I have should be documented well. I have ventured into the arts, and then the outsourcing industry, and now the world of culinary arts. Soon I will join the education sector to inspire the younger generation.

I am writing this to thank the Heavens for answering my plea, most especially to St. Joseph for making my latest goal come to life.


I always have this dream of playing at least one more musical instrument, aside from playing the piano in chords. This frustration of mine has led me to dream in my sleep about playing some difficult pieces of musical instrument. Last night I dreamed of playing in a brass band, I am not sure but it looked like I was playing a clarinet or a trumpet, but I am sure it was brass, complete with uniform and some accessories such as the lip guard mouthpiece to protect my mouth from the pressure of blowing such instrument. In my dream, I felt good playing the instrument because I was really good at it!

And So It Is

After quite a long hiatus from blogging in this one, I am quite pleased to say that I am happy in general despite the fact that the Christmas season is coming. This is the season that we at the food service industry is dreading about - longer shifts, more events, more people, more kitchen preparation. There is more to this list of things we need to do in our careers at this time aside from other personal matters. Given this busy time, we strive to make our bodies strong and built to last until the season ends.

Music Scene Crash Course

My band mates unleashed the inner rock star in me. Many of my friends know that I was made to sing classical music when I, out of boredom, joined the local choir. And since then, I managed to sing many classical pieces, back home and even here in the British territory islands.

When I started with the band, I never thought of having a PA system or considering a phonic amplifier in my list of things to get in order for me to survive the music scene. Being in a band is a lot of work and a lot of investment. So far, I'm loving it!

A New Beginning

Band on hiatus.

Resigned from my first work in the Brit shores.

Beginning a new journey on a new work opportunity.

This is the start of good things and more good things to come. I am positive me and my new colleagues will deliver an outstanding and never-before-seen innovations in this island. Fresh, new, attractive, spectacular, and of course, innovative and well-made.

My decision to join this new business is both risky and exciting, and I am up for it. One life.

Post Rock Band Things

March 2016 was a very beautiful and remarkable month for me. It was the time where my singing career went on full speed. I was a rock band singer.

I never thought I will embark on this kind of group thing where I will be a frontman, spend almost a thousand quid on midi to usb cable wires, microphones, and a full professional portable audio system and spend numerous hours rehearsing some classic Brit rock tunes from the late 70's to the early 90's. We managed to bank about 30 songs in a span of 6 months.

Sadly, the band had to be put on hiatus because our drummer left the island. On a good note, I am willing to travel to the UK and meet with the band, and play a couple of gigs while I'm on holiday next year. Universe, hear me.

I'm Back!

After almost a year of blogging hiatus I am back with a vengeance!

In the coming days I will be in transition from my old job to a new job. Remember I spoke of this promising work opportunity a year ago and as it turns out the company is more of a slave mill or something? Well, I am finally doing my exit with them.

I just had the most difficult two months of my life in the Falkland Islands. I gladly accepted the backwards lifestyle of the community, the simplicity of life, and the inconsistencies in my work and life balance. I was never subjected to this type of stress which caused me palpitations and sleepless nights until I joined this island company.

Despite the negative experiences, I am still thankful for the opportunity, for bring me here in this British territory, and for proving myself that I can do something different from what I am supposed to do in life, which is to become a true food service professional.

In the next 48 hours, I will be embarking on a new journey, I will be on leave for the next few weeks and then I will start on a fresh project! Let the Spring and Summer in the South Atlantic region begin!

Winter Time June

Given that we get harsh winter conditions in this South Atlantic island called the Falklands, I managed to get information and read some Cozy Winters Reviews on my spare time. Of course, we are currently in the process of moving to a new and much better place, we might consider getting better winter experience in the comfort of our home. From winter home improvements to winter apparel for our daily use, it is just right to be ready in these cold trying times, especially that we don't just get snow, we also get cold southerly winds with it.

Housemate Rants

For almost one year of living with two old drunkards, we finally decided to leave and find housing that is not owned by our company. It is really a pain in the ass to live with countless night parties and drinking sprees happening just outside your room. When I say parties, it is complete with loud music, rowdy people, and unwanted mess that comes with it.

I wanted our moving out to be as peaceful and quiet as possible, but you two leave me no choice. I had to react the best way possible - by blogging it!

I am very surprised to know that you find us irritating to be with, because according to what reached me, you said, and I quote "we keep the house messy at all times".

With the way I described you in the first paragraph, don't you guys think it could be you who keeps things messy? You organise countless get togethers in the house, in which we also pay, without our consent. You could have asked us or inform us prior to your event. You have seen me and my partner clean the whole house whenever we can, even do deep cleaning of the kitchen which is disgusting as per my standards. We are tired of cleaning the house to be honest, because it gets messy once you touch what we have cleaned.

During your parties, we only stay in our room most of the time - we seldom mingle with all of you.

Second, we also heard that we are difficult to live with. What makes us unbearable to take as housemates? My rule of thumb in life is, if you don't have anything good to say, just shut up. So my apologies if we keep mum everytime we encounter you in the hall, because we have nothing to say, and we are not being snobbish.

I am tired of acting plastic towards the both of you.

Almost one year of living with the two of you is enough. We are moving on, so please, don't make us look awful to the eyes of everyone in the company, because between you and us, we are highly urbanised people.

Good day.

The Cost of Having A Band

In our band, a recently formed band in the island, I am the only one who doesn't play any instrument at all. Two months later I decided to buy my own portable audio system, actually a Peavey one. I thought it was enough for my vocal needs but looking at mackie profx8 from MF, I realised I need a mixer to further amplify my voice. Looking at this baby, it seems to be a perfect fit my current need. It is time to amp it up!


One of the things I learned in my professional career since I started, regardless of what career that might have been, from medical sciences to culinary arts, is the art of keeping things in consistency.

Consistency is very important in our daily lives as it creates harmony and keeps our goals in one straight path, leading to whatever our goal in life or at work might be.

I terribly miss being consistent in the things that I can do when it comes to my present career. If only this island can be as progressive as their Mother Land.

A Way Out

Music has been my only way out and my source of positivity. Every time I go on stage with my band here in the islands, I completely morph into someone cool and hip, and music we do makes me forget my latest plights in life. This makes me go and look for guitar center's gibson robot guitar just to get by as I am seriously considering learning how to play the guitar. I now play the tambourine, but it is much better if I do the main vocals whilst playing the guitar in front of the live audience. That would be a sound and fantastic idea!

I Don't Know

Today marks our "could've been" third year.

It just feels weird actually, I don't know how to go on or deal with this day, will I just make myself busy in the kitchen or wallow in sadness for the next twenty four hours? I am truly sorry for what I did exactly nine months ago, and I don't know what can ease or counterpart that sin I just committed. Should I just evaporate to make things go away?

I just don't know what to do with myself anymore. Help.